I'm Irish/German and from an early age have been fascinated by the world of fashion and make-up and the endless possibilities of transformation.
In June 2013 I graduated in Artistic Make-up and Hairstyling at the renowned BCM School in Milan and started working freelance in Milan and London. I specialised in fashion make-up, working for many fashion shows in Milan, London and Paris, collaborating for numerous editorials and working for various apparel and footwear brands.
In my work, I like to express my vision of beauty and its many facets and create an image of perfection while experimenting with shapes, colours and contrasts. I am also passionate about music, art and design.
I am currently based in London and am available for Fashion Shows, Events, Video Productions and Fashion, Beauty and Potrait Photoshoots in Europe. I also provide hair and make-up services for weddings, red carpet events and other special occasions.
Brands: Patrizia Pepe, Antonio Croce, 
CONTACT:           mua.mcelholm@gmail.com            +44 7400192933